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Incorporated 2008
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   A small group of enthusiasts, all being committed to preserving and interpreting the legacy of

a dying coal camp, founded the Coalwood WV Historical Society, Inc. Our goal is to ensure that present and future generations can share in and understand Coalwood’s rich heritage. Our group was formed for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes.

   The Society has acquired, and will work to continue to acquire, significant collections and

archival materials related to Coalwood and the coalmining industry in Southern West Virginia.

The Society will share its love of Coalwood through newsletters, informational gatherings, and this

information-rich web site. It is our commitment to bring light to the crisis that has emerged since

mining operations at Coalwood were terminated. A profusion, of historically recognized structures,

sites and genealogical information, is rapidly being destroyed. A once vital part of American

culture is in extreme distress.

   This Society, an all-volunteer organization, will enlist individual contributors as dues-paying

Friends.  Together with our initial founding board, our supporters will possess an extraordinary

range of depth of knowledge, skills, and experience. We plan to use human resources to advance

our work of sharing the Coalwood story, and to support future efforts.

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Coalwood WV Historcal Society, Inc.

PO Box 1479

Geneva, FL 32732-1479

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